Today’s rapidly evolving regulatory environment means that organizations are increasingly looking at faster and more cost-effective methods to comply and reduce the burden of Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

We offer an independent assessment on compliance with KYC obligations, and have built our own solution to manage and maintain the process. Through our software, we provide organizations with an easy to use, automated and safe way to stay compliant with KYC requirements.

We assist organizations in 3 areas:

  • Customer identification, verification and due diligence / KYC requirements and screening
    Clients provide us with KYC compliance documents via our online portal. We performs due diligence (identification, information collection, sanction list screening, UBO check and PEP check, risk assessment). Results are reported back to the organizations.
  • Periodical re-assessment and updates
    Depending on the risk rating, we are able to perform periodical reviews of due diligence information, taking into account current regulations and the organization’s requirements. Furthermore, we perform ‘event checks’ when events occur that could, or do, affect the risk assessment. This helps ensure the accuracy of KYC files at all times.
  • KYC reporting
    In line with the regulation we developed a service to prepare and transmit KYC reports on reportable accounts, related financial account information and personal information.